Artist statement

Are we human or are we mass products of our time?

Man as mass product.

I imagine the world today as one immense digital factory. A factory in which we log in at any time and then go to work for free for the big data companies. We are constantly put to work completing endless tasks like scanning QR-codes, keeping up with socials, following feeds, checking apps and mindless streaming. It’s all about data and we produce it constantly.

We have entered an era in which we no longer stand at the assembly line but lie on it and have become the mass product ourselves. And like a mass product, we are adjustable, controllable and exchangeable.

The humanized mass product. 

In response to ‘man as mass product’, I transform mass products into objects with human aspects. My work invites the viewer to reflect on his own sense of ‘being human’ and consider how much human potential he still leaves untapped. 

A key value in my work is transformation. In the process of becoming more human again and rediscovering our untapped potential, we will have to go through transformation ourselves. 

I do the same with the mass products I work with. Once transformed, they become an example for the viewer. I transform the mass products and remove them from their context in such a way that they begin to tell a new story. These stories include themes such as breaking free from the straitjacket, exploring our spirituality, reconnecting with indigenous values, and the search for self-reflection.