Photo by Chloë van der Smitte

I try to understand the times we live in. Analyzing the zeitgeist is therefore at the heart of my art practice. I constantly ask questions like what do we value these days and what do we consider the new normal? Or what taboos are being broken today and what taboos are emerging…? I write about it and from there on translate my thoughts into objects. These objects are meant to be metaphors capturing fragments of the zeitgeist. In the sculpting process, I mainly use mass-produced readymades, because they are timeless and neutral by themselves. I then take these mass products out of their original context and place them in the context of time.” Bas van Raay

Short bio

Bas van Raay (1981) is a conceptual artist based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He received his Bachelor of Arts at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (2007), and his Master of Arts in Philosophy at Tilburg University (2020). He draws his inspiration from artist like Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Kosuth and Joseph Beuys.

Between 2009 and 2012, Bas van Raay collaborated with Karena Schuessler gallery in Berlin. This collaboration resulted in a successful solo exhibition in 2011 and his work was represented at ART BASEL 2011.

Since 2012 he has been lecturing at the Design academy Eindhoven, Artemis academy Amsterdam and now has a permanent position as a lecturer in trends and futures research at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Since 2022 Bas started a new collaboration with Cova Gallery in Eindhoven.


“Conceptualism denies any universal objects. Bas van Raay creates these conceptual objects. The Eindhoven-based designer launched his new work, three industrially sculptured objects, which evoke questions: just because it isn’t what it seems to be.” (Matylda Krzykowski, 2009)

“Bas van Raay works in what he calls “the grey zone between art and design”. A graduate of Eindhoven’s famous Design Academy, he completed his training in Japan at the K&H Architects’office. As he sees it, an object cannot be separated from what is exudes and transmits. In the case of his coffee machine, fitted with an aroma balloon, that means light, heat and aromas. While it certainly does not neglect notions of convienence and well being, his work is highly conceptual and philosophical. He answers the question ‘what is a piece of furniture?’, with a series of strange objects and structures that tend to erase the frontiers between machine, sculpture and furniture.” (David Rosenberg, 2012)


2023: The project ‘At spirit level’ was made possible by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

Cultuur Einhoven


2023 Solo / Cova Art Gallery Eindhoven

2012 Group / Cologne Fine Art & Antiques

2012 Group / Dutch Design Week at Eat Drink Design – Eindhoven

2011 Group / Cologne Fine Art & Antiques

2011 Group / Dutch Design Week at Ontwerplabel Vij5

2011 Group / Bkkc – Tilburg

2011 Solo / Karena Schuessler Gallery – Berlin

2011 Group / Art Basel represented by Karena Schuessler Gallery

2010 Group / Dutch design week – Eindhoven

2010 Solo / Weekly_Berlin – Berlin

2010 Solo / DMY – Berlin

2010 Group /Salone del mobile – Milano

2010 Group / Brainport – Eindhoven

2010 Group / Modefabriek – Amsterdam

2010 Solo / IMM – Cologne

2009 Group /Dutch design week – Eindhoven

2009 Group / Transversale – Dortmund

2009 Group / IMM – Cologne