Siamese Twin (2009)

Part of the “I am furniture” series.

CONTEXT – While presenting my graduation work at IMM cologne 2009, a local gallery owner complimented me on the tubes and suggested I make a Marcel Breuer-style chair. I was not hesitant because I place great value on making conceptual objects and not just functional ones. But his suggestion planted a seed. A little later, I looked out through the window of the exhibition space and saw a truck unloading stuff there. The rear-view mirror was attached to the truck with two tubes. Then it hit me, I’m going to make a chair but with a radiator sitting in it. As if taking the radiator off the wall out of its straitjacket and placing it in a new context namely the context of a piece of furniture. And so the series ‘I am furniture’ was born.

MEDIUM – Radiators, nickel plated 28mm metal tube frame, electric 1000 watts

SIZE – Siamese Twin : L55 x W160 x H60 cm

UNIQUE – One of a kind piece

EXHIBITED – Solo exhibition at Karena Schuessler Gallery Berlin 2011, Art Basel 2011, Bkkc Tilburg 2011, Weekly_Berlin 2010, DMY Berlin 2010, Salone del mobile Milano 2010, Brainport Eindhoven 2010, Modefabriek Amsterdam 2010, IMM Cologne 2010, DDW Eindhoven 2009

STATUS – sold

Photos by Rene van der Hulst