Heatingpoint (2007)


CONTEXT – While doing my internship with K&H architects in Tokyo, I noticed that there were hardly any non-commercial meeting places in public space. When I returned to the Netherlands, it struck me there again. So for my graduation, I started sculpting a meeting place that people could easily relate to because of the classic radiators, which could also be heated and around which people could stand in the public space like a campfire. Thus was born the ‘Heatingpoint’ a heated meeting point.

A small anecdote, during my graduation I wanted to write on the floor ‘an object somewhere between art and design’. My teachers urged me not to because I was in a design school. I thought it was a reasonable argument and agreed. In retrospect, this was a sign to myself that I already wanted to go beyond the design spectrum and explore the realm of conceptual art, which I guess I am doing today.

MEDIUM – Radiators, 22mm metal tube frame, pearl paint finish.

SIZE – L105 x W105 x H400 cm

UNIQUE – One of a kind piece

EXHIBITED – Transversale Dortmund 2009, IMM Cologne 2009, Graduation Show DAE 2007

STATUS – Not available